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A.I.R. Lawn Care is an eco-friendly lawn care company that uses electric-powered equipment that is charged with solar panels mounted on our truck and trailer. Our mission is to improve and renew the atmosphere people breathe in through business, education, and service. The acronym A.I.R. stands for Atmosphere, Improvement, and Renewal. We do this by providing clean, quiet, and quality mowing as well as organic fertilization services. Our ideal customer is an environmentally conscious homeowner who is concerned about their kids’ and/or pets’ health, the long lasting health of their lawn, or making a small contribution to the Earth. If you fit this description we challenge you to take the A.I.R. Dare® and try eco-friendly lawn care. website
Backyard Bounty is dedicated to improving the environment by re-imagining the American garden. We install conservation landscapes, kitchen gardens, permeable driveways, and rain gardens in the Metropolitan DC region. Backyard Bounty is an accredited organic land care company by NOFA (Northeast Organic Farmers Association) and follows strict standards on the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. We also piloted and remain part of the MOCO green landscapers program. Make your garden good for you and good for the earth.
Bio-Logical Pest Management provides low-risk, full-service, green, structural pest management services and consulting for homeowners, property managers, school districts, and the commercial sector. BPM serves Maryland and the Washington, DC metro area. They will not ‘bug’ you with hazardous chemicals.
CrossFit Become will transform your outlook on health and wellbeing using CrossFit/Yoga Fusion Classes, Kids CrossFit, Private CrossFit, Post-Rehab Training, and Holistic Life Coaching. We are proud to be a partner of Safe Grow Montgomery!
“Celebrating community through local and organic food.” That's the Dawson's Market mission statement. We are a community that feels and values local and social connections. Our market aims to provide an atmosphere for you to nourish your mind, body, and soul. A haven where you can slow down from the everyday grind. Through community engagement, we believe we can inspire a movement in our city. We like to stay ambitious and our goal is to bring about a love for health that spreads throughout the world, like ripples of water.
The Fehlig Group includes two connected components: a community of businesses embracing responsible practices (known as the Fehlig Group contributors forum and a team of consultants positioned to provide a variety of services.
The mission of Gracefully Green, LLC is to provide guidance and expertise on transforming sites to sustainability, combining functionality with beauty, so that the end result is truly “gracefully green.” website
Green Gaithersburg is a multimedia website dedicated to informing you about environmental issues in Montgomery County, MD and beyond. website
We are a locally based eco-friendly landscaping company focused on bringing the green approach to all aspects of yard care. Whether that means helping homeowners set up composting bins or keeping shredded leaves onsite in the fall, The Greener Side is eager to work with customers who want a beautiful yard that is maintained with the health of both mother nature and our children in mind.
KW Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company serving Severna Park, Arnold and the greater Annapolis area since 1993. Locally owned and operated by Kevin Wengernuk, my staff and I pride ourselves on providing the highest quality work at affordle prices.
Matt's Habitats -- Eco-friendly Gardens, Nature Walks, & Painting/Handyman Work. Started in 2003, Matt's Habitats specializes in organic gardening practices with an emphasis on native plants, wildlife habitats, and edible gardens. In addition, Matt’s Habitats performs Nature walks with a focus on identification of wild plants and edible plants and fungi. Matt focuses on work promoting environmentally sound practices on a year-round basis.
Scott Nash started MOM's at the age of 22 with an initial investment of $100 as a home delivery business out of his mom's garage. On July 2nd 1987, MOM's made its first sale delivering to a customer who lived in Rockville, MD.
Natural Awakenings Magazine is DC’s healthy living magazine. We’re your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. Our mission is to provide insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In each issue of Natural Awakenings magazine readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle. Website
Encouraging healthy, sustainable ecosystem by modifying existing habitat, and cultivating a resilient, self-sufficient life in balance. Reconnecting people with the land by reviving old traditions, and re-skilling people as caretakers.
Sister Eden is an entertainment, information, news, and commentary company committed to showing people that it is easy, often fun, and less expensive (for real, you can save money!) to live a life in balance with Earth. Sister Eden’s goal is to reach everyone on the planet with funny videos, insightful articles, interesting posts, provocative tweets, colorful pins, and whatever hipster-trendy social media or communication scheme comes next. website
Let us cut your lawn with solar-powered mowers (no emissions, little noise, reasonable rates)! Please call for a free estimate: 301-787-5018 When we cut your grass, you’ll add NO (carbon dioxide or other) pollutants into the air. Not so with gas-powered mowers, which emit carbon dioxide, create smog, and lead to code alert days. Cough!
Conceptualized and founded Zosimos Botanicals LLC, a personal care company committed to social responsibility. Zosimos Botanicals' exclusive handcrafted makeup is the antithesis to mass-produced cosmetics. Formulated all original formulas which are paraben-free, devoid of synthetic chemicals and other toxins. Zosimos is a signatory to the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and recognized as an eco-friendly business by Green America. Registered with the FDA. E-commerce Wholesaler to Salons, Esthetitians, MUAs, Grocers, Medi-Spas and Boutiques.
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