Councilmember Berliner’s suggested changes to Bill 52-14 put us at risk.  We have seen pesticide reform before, and that’s IPM.  IPM in our Parks and elsewhere have failed our kids.  IPM is subjective to the applicator, and it does not have built-in enforcement mechanisms.  It also encourages harmful habits, such as “emptying the bottle,” and overstocking.

Bill 52-14’s current provisions are not subjective and the message is clear: penalties are associated with unnecessary pesticide applications.

The pesticide industry wants us to think a ban is, as Berliner says, “a bridge too far.”

A ban is the minimum we should do for our children and all residents.  Frankly, Councilmember Berliner’s arguments echo the industry’s talking points that effectively leave us with no bridge to safer ground, no bridge to a healthier future.

Safe Grow Montgomery is sending the message to Councilmember Berliner: We won’t be fooled by your “Bridge Too Far!”  We’ve lived with reform for decades, and it looks like this:



Thank you for supporting a strong Bill 52-14!

Safe Grow Montgomery

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