Please take a moment to watch a September 10, 2015 TV report on Healthy Lawns Bill 52-14 on WUSA 9 here in Montgomery County, MD.

Safe Grow Montgomery would like to add some additional information to what was reported on this news piece. We would like viewers to know the following:
Other than cancer:
Pediatricians testified that lawn chemicals (pesticides, herbicides) affect children’s development, sometimes irreversibly.
In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a report that regular exposure to low levels of pesticides, including pesticides used for lawn and landscaping, can have serious acute and long-term health effects: pediatric cancer, decreased cognitive funtion and behavioral problesm.

Since the NCI letter:
Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has linked the two most commonly used landscaping pesticides, glyphosate (Roundup) and 2,4-D, to cancer.

Property Values:
In all communities which have implementated similar bans, there is absolutely no evidence that property values were affected negatively.
Landscaping tip:
Brown lawns are from a lack of water, not a lack of lawn pesticides. Putting lawn chemicals like weedkillers on is not going to green up a brown lawn.  Lawns require deep, infrequent watering to encourage deep roots and discourage fungus.
Thank you!
Safe Grow Montgomery
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